24 Generation


the sound of the guamo

With these words heard, through a dream, the spirits aroused in Beike Bo Miguel Sobaoko Koromo the mission to establish the Caney Circle. They were words that prophetically foretold to him in 1974 that there was to be a great rebirth of Taino awareness among the descendants of the Caribbean’s ancient peoples, people who had almost been destroyed by the Spanish conquest that began in 1492.

Later, in 1983 he would experience a spectacular shamanic event in his life. That event, recounted by him in his book CANOA* opened his eyes to the millennial oracle now known as THE TWENTY-FOUR GENERATION PROPHESY.

The oracle takes its name from the twenty four stones that are commonly placed in a Caney circle between the four cardinal stones of the medicine wheel. It foretells not only the rebirth of the Taino nation but the fact that this rebirth is a sign of a future global renewal called THE GREAT EARTH CHANGES.

This event, which is due to occur in the year 2012 will close a 260-century great cycle in the on-going history of the Earth. That huge cycle is closely linked to the evolution of the human consciousness. At that time humans will be confronted with an epochal window of opportunity through which we shall be given the choice between a great flowering of our species on the earth or the gradual but inexorable destruction of everything that sustains and nourishes humankind.

The reason The Taino revival was so important to this prophesy is that it’s beginning date, 1992, marks the end of a shorter 500-year cycle imbedded within that greater 260-century Great Cycle mentioned above. This 500-year cycle was the one that began on the date 1492 when Columbus arrived in the so-called “New World” putting an end to that era of Taino history, and ended in 1992 when the Tainos reawakened. The Taino revival was a milestone on the millennial path which humanity was destined to walk, and a signpost of things to come.

inca_bridge 2
Inca Bridge

The graceful construction of ancient Inca bridges provides a sacred analogy of the task of the warriors who are destined to usher the human species across the chasm of oblivion and into the hope-filled future beyond the era of GREAT EARTH CHANGES that approaches in the year 2012. Cables and stones they are. They are hundreds of powerful shamanic individuals filled with the flexibility and strength of the fibers that are woven together by Inca bridge-makers to span the mighty gorge, and twenty four anchor stones who will shoulder the burden of holding the whole construct in place. These anchor stones are the “SIBA RAKAN”, Stones of Power. The hundreds of mighty cables that form the suspension cords are the spiritual individuals who form the sinews and muscles of the sacred structures. They are called “KABUYA RAKAN”, Cords or Power.

The Taino revival served to provide the human species with a beautiful gift, TAINO SPIRITUALITY. This beautiful spiritual path was to provide a new and unique perspective on the universal scheme of things and a hopeful optimistic outlook on the future of the species. It was also a vehicle through which the human race could be provided with a cadre of powerful warriors who would act as a sacred spiritual suspension bridge over which the human race is destined to attempt the ultimate perilous crossing over the chasm of oblivion so as to pass through the millennial portal of the Earth Changes in 2012.

Hundreds of these warriors would be perceived as the mighty bridge-cables, the tough spiritual sinews of the spirit bridge, woven together in an unit that would provide the members of the human species with a secure foothold. conveying the whole human race across the deep gully of extinction. At either end of the spirit bridge stone masonry anchors the two extreme ends of the mystical span. These stone anchors, composed of twelve stones on each end of the bridge, provide the secure and rigid fixed foothold on either end so that the mighty cables can arch gracefully above the dizzying heights. The image is that of the ancient bridges built by the classic Inca Indians who spanned immense river gorges with great stones and graceful woven fiber cables.

Inca Bridge
Inca Bridge