Creator or Creatress

  The Makiritare people is an Indigenous group that lives in the ancestral zone of the Orinoco River where part of our own Taino culture originates. In the oral tradition of these people there exists a sacred creation narrative called "WATUNNA". In a certain episode of that narrative the Makiritares mention a mystical egg called… Continue reading Creator or Creatress

Yokahu the spirit of yuca

The Taino male deity YokaHu, in our opinion, far from being a typical western-type paternal, immortal "almighty god" in the style of the Hebrew Jehovah, is, in fact, a much more human-like entity, con-substantial with humanity itself and subject to a very human-like  life-cycle like ours which begins with birth and ends in death, and then… Continue reading Yokahu the spirit of yuca