The Dreamspell – continued

As the traveller continues on the journey through the sequence of rooms he or she progresses along the length of the wavespell. The traveller begins at the innermost room of each wavespell. Then he or she travels one room at a time along the wavespell until all thirteen rooms have been visited. When the traveller reaches the thirteenth room in the wavespell he or she moves on to the next wavespell in the castle moving around the structure counter-clockwise. When the traveller has visited every room in that next wavespell from the innermost to the last, he or she moves counter-clockwise around the castle to the next wavespell.

dreamspell layout2

Once all four wavespells in a castle have been traversed and the individual energy from each room has been experienced, the traveller leaves that castle and moves around the layout to the next castle in a clock-wise direction. At this new castle the traveller starts at the red eastern wavespell and begins moving around this new castle counter-clockwise all over again. Having visited all the rooms in all four wavespells of this castle the traveller again moves counter-clockwise to the next castle and does the same thing.

Over and over, room by room, The entire layout of five castles is traversed. The complete journey takes 260 days. Each day is an unique experience woven from the essences of tone and seal. Each wavespell is a more complex experience composed of thirteen days. The energies of all those days combine to weave an even wider tapestry of time-magic.

The first, last, and two tower days of each wavespell establish the color for that wavespell. The Red Eastern Wavespell of any one of the five castles contains a red first day, a red last day, and two red tower days. The White Northern Wavespell of any one of the five castles contains a white first day, a white last day and two white tower days. The same thing happens in the other two wavespells of all five castles.

As the traveller moves from adventure to adventure through the sacred cycles of the castles he or she senses the power of the four directions in many different ways. Not only is each wavespell oriented to one of the directions, not only is each castle also oriented to one of the four directions, but actually each and every day represents a direction. As the traveller moves from room to room, from day to day, the color of each day manifests a specific direction. The colors arise in a specific order; red room representing the east, white room representing the north, blue room representing the west, and yellow room representing the south. This sequence of colors repeats over and over throughout the whole wavespell from the first to the thirteenth room, throughout each whole castle, throughout the whole journey.