guakarGuakar is the Lord of teaching trials. He is the spirit of tough life experiences from which a person learns, matures and becomes wise. Guakar is the harsh headmaster in the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS.

He has two sacred animals. One is “Babae” the elusive hummingbird of Wisdom, the gift that is so hard to catch or even discover. The other sacred animal is the fierce “Kahaya” the trickster shark spirit.

Lord Guakar is a warrior, and as such is the patron of warriors, the guaribos. He has two favorite weapons that he uses to bash his students over the head and drive his point home in the process called “trial and error”. These two weapons are the wooden makana sword and the stone-bladed manaya hatchet

Guakar is represented by the ancient Tainos in the form of a sacrificial dagger.

Guakar is associated with the direction of the North in the Taino medicine wheel since that is the direction of Wisdom. Wisdom never comes without sacrifice.

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