Taino Chronicles 2



A child was born from the womb of AtaBei. the child was endowed with the gift of Reason by Ioka Hu’s brother, Guakar. Guakar fed this young creature some cultivated cassava, maize, beans and squash. This divine creature acquired the image of the GREAT SPIRIT, Iaia Gua Turei. The divine creature was given the name Iaia Lokuo (Yaya Lokuo). Iaia Lokuo was neither male nor female but like Iaia Gua Turei had aspects of both male and female spirit in its physical body. Iaia Lokuo was the divine father-mother of all humanity.


Among the cruel teachings that the sacred Lord Guakar inflicts upon laia Lokuo and the descendants of Iaia Lokuo are natural privations such as hunger and disease. The new human creature learns to heal itself and to ward off starvation. Other hard lessons that Guakar teaches are summoned up through the intercession of his divine mother Ata Bei In her manifestation as a destructive spirit. These lessons are taught through natural catastrophes. Guakar beseeches his mother to cause chaos among humans from time to time.

gua ban cesh
Gua Ban Sesh

At those times Ata Bei transforms into her destructive manifestation called Gua Ban Sesh. Often she summons up Koatriskie the spirit of torrential precipitation and flooding. She calls out for Guatauba the Lord of Thunder who announces chaos with the thundering sound of his maiouakan drum. Sometimes she summons up the violent whirlwind spirit Hu Rakan to sweep through an inhabited area causing ruin and grief. Other times she causes the Earth kaiman to shake and shudder causing earthquakes and tsunamis. There are times when the chaotic manifestation of the Matriarch Spirit causes fire and heat to burst from great mountains on the earth. These volcanoes cause further damage and destruction.

Gua Ban Sesh

The destruction inflicted by Gua Ban Sesh upon her son’s request is part of his educative process, through which humans are strengthened. It is through his power that humans become tough, resilient and move forward.

Iaia Lokuo managed to survive all these lessons and all these harsh cycles outside the great field of peace and beauty only because of Guakar’s guidance. In fact, the sacred semi’s teachings made Iaia Lokuo powerful and prosperous in a very hostile world. Through Guakar ‘s teachings Iaia Lokuo learned to build a sheltering home, create a fire by persuading loka Hu, Lord of Energy to glow with his life-giving warmth, coax the sacred Earth mother to yield the cultivated crops of the field.

loka Hu is proud and pleased with the work of his twin brother. loka Hu is proud of the child Iaia Lokuo.


Iaia Lokuo was born naked and defenseless but with Guakar’s rigorous guidance Iaia Lokuo became strong and survived. Ata Bei commanded Iaia Lokuo to multiply and thrive. Iaia Lokuo’s navel was opened by the hand of Iaia Lokuo. From the belly of Iaia Lokuo came
forth a drop of blood. Where that drop fell it mixed with the soil and on that spot stood a woman. Then another drop fell upon the soil and on that spot stood a man. They were beautiful creatures these two children of laia Lokuo.

Iaia Lokuo looked upon these children and smiled, calling the man “Heketi Waribo” (First Man) and the woman “Heketi Warishe” (First Woman). Then Iaia Lokuo said to both man and woman; “The Great Spirit, laia Gua Turei gives you this command and transfers it unto you through me: ‘THRIVE!’ So therefore you shall thrive.” The man and the woman looked at their bellies and there they saw the sign of the Great Spirit’s command. They saw their navels. The human navel is the physical connection between one person and his or her direct ancestors. It is the living evidence that humans managed to survive, to bring forth descendants, to continue existing, to pass on their inheritance from one generation to another, to THRIVE. The human navel is the proof of life and the Life Cycle, that one generation lived out its life and then retired to make room for the next generation.