Mayan Calendar 3

The Mayan calendar provided the Mayan spiritual reality with a variety of mystical elements that came to control most aspects of their lives.

In the sacred 260-day cycle a complex universe of meaning and magic resides in the combination of the energies inherent in the numerology of each one of the numbers on one side, and the startling imagery of each glyph on the other side. Glyphs and numbers intertwine to weave a wondrous tapestry of prophetic vision. Each number has a power. Each glyph suggests a secret. The number “one” can stand for unity or loneliness. The number “two” can suggest duality and reflection. The glyph for “Ix” (the intuitive jaguar shaman/priest) can suggest that which is hidden, occult. It can also signal great magic or sorcery. It can even point towards introspective meditation and inward vision.

The Mayan calendar is not only used to peer into the secrets and auguries of a particular date but can also be used in a reading. This is done by casting small objects at random such as seeds so that numbers are implied. These numbers are then read as the combination of numbers and glyphs of the sacred calendar. For instance, in a casting when the first number that comes up is a “12” this can be accepted as the numeral in the Number-glyph combination. The next number that comes up can suggest one of the 20 glyphs if these are each assigned a number; Imix being “one”, Ik being “two” and so on. Once a numeral and a glyph are identified an augury can be gleaned from the combination of the two energies identified in the mixture.

John Major Jenkin’s ground-breaking book “Tzolkin”

One of the most insightful visions of the traditional Mayan calendar and its internal workings was put forth in the early 1990’s by a remarkable visionary named John Major Jenkins. Inspired since early youth by the beauty and magic of Mayan spirituality, this gifted student of the culture produced one of the great masterpieces of erudition in his book “Tzolkin”. This book was a ground-breaking masterpiece that gathered up all of he existing wisdom on the sacred calendar and distilled it in a coherent and easily understood format.

John Major Jenkins

Jenkins travels frequently to the land of the Mayas and is conversant with the tradition and customs first-hand. He is a prolific writer with many books to his credit, including another by the name “Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012”. This book is a second masterpiece by the relatively young man. It clearly and succinctly lays out the most believable explanation of the Mayan identification of the year 2012 as the moment of alignment of the Earth, the Sun and the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This alignment, as Jenkins explains it coincides perfectly with the beliefs and understandings of the Caney which speak of the Twentyfour Generation Prophesy.

Beike Bo Miguel Sobaoko Koromo has been in relatively regular communication with Mr. Jenkins for about four years and their e-mail communications are a source of great inspiration and support for Miguel in particular and our cause in general.