Sobaoko Koromo (Black Ribs)
Miguel A. Sague Jr.
Beike Bo
Founder and Leader of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle

Born Miguel A. Sague-Machiran in Santiago, Cuba, the chief beike of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle grew up steeped in the rich hybrid tradition of the rural guajiro culture of eastern Cuba. Within this tradition there still exists a vital vein of the ancient Taino lifeways.

In the United States Sague lived in the ancestral homeland of the Seneca nation of north-eastern New York state and Pennsylvania. Here he absorbed the power and mystery of the Iroquois Longhouse and was inspired by its earthy beauty.

After a series of extraordinary spiritual experiences detailed in his book “CANOA”* Sague went on to found the Caney Circle in 1982. The teachings of the Caney as they were laid out in the sacred text, THE BOOK OF SONGS* spread from his little circle in Pennsylvania to influence the spiritual thought and inspire the ceremonial practice of many as far away as Arizona, California, Puerto Rico, and New York City.

Miguel Sobaoko Koromo and Leni Mais-Guarishe

Presently Beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo lives in Verona, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh with wife of 30 years Leni Mais-Guarishe a Cuban-born Taina of mixed Boricua-Cuban heritage.

On February 2, 2004 Beike Bo Sobaoko Koromo was named as official beike of the Ciboney Tribe in South Florida. This tribal entity represents people of Cuban Arawak-Taino affiliation, and other Caribbean Native peoples living in the South Florida region.

*CANOA (copyright Miguel A. Sague Jr. 2000)
*BOOK OF SONGS (copyright Miguel A.Sague Jr. 1979)

Canoa is available for purchase on Amazon.com at this link.