Interpretation and commentary on the Caney version of the ancient legends of the Tainos THE TAINO CHRONICLES by contemporary Taino elder NI BON TE BAN of Taino KOKI MEDICINE CLAN based in Maryland, land of the Piskataway, Turtle Island.

Tau Ti Familia,

A view of the Moon Circle on the KOKI MEDICINE CLAN’S Land of The Sacred Heart Of Life the teaching and healing center of Taino elder Ni Bon Te Ban

We know that Soboako Koromo has been for sometime enlightening us from his wisdom, his knowledge and his Heart about the prophecies, and he has interrelated those prophecies with the Maya. It is essential and important for us to internalize what this Man, this Father, this Husband, and this True Leader has been dedicating hisLife to, in order to bring forth understandings of the vibration of the Past within the Present. You must forgive me if in any way form or fashion I am sounding like a fanatic or even like a gringo, but the fact is that this man has given his Heart in his understanding for All of us to internalize the significance of his work, no matter who we are, Indigenous or not. By no means am I accusing anyone of anything, but I do not know if we have been appreciating what this man has been bringing forth. One of my Elders told me a long time ago, “If you know someone’s story, then you know their True Heart.” And I will say that in the short time that I know this man, there is defintely, without a doubt, a HEART, a LOVE, a DEDICATION and DEVOTION for Our Ways and the Revival of Our Ways!

One of the four arbors standing on the four cardinal points of the Moon Circle on the KOKI MEDICINE CLAN’S Land Of THe Sacred Heart of Life, the teaching and healing center of Taino elder Ni Bon Te Ban

The questions which I brought forth on this forum from my heart are contingent upon and in fortification of the Myths and Legends of the Teachings of Sobaoko Koromo’s understanding of these Teachings. Where my mind and my heart and Spirit is relating this to is from his last communication concerning how he was interrelating the discussions that have been taking place to his Pilgrimage in the Canoe on the River. That being said, let’s begin to consider these next thoughts in relationship to his sharing and to the questions.

The Myths and Legends are not just a story, I do not think that the modern mentality can really appreciate the full depth and application of the Myths and Legends, but I am not saying that we have modern minds on this forum. I was reading some chapters within the Myths and Legends posted on the Caney website and began to realize how these Myths and Legends are applicable today. How this could be possible that these Legends from so long ago, from before the time of colonialism could still be applicable today is a Secret that undoubtedly the Ancestors hold. There is a particular chapter (14) in which, if we look at it symbolically, we see our present reflected. I simply share my, and my Spirit’s understanding of this Legend, I am not saying this is the correct or incorrect way to interpret this Legend, I am simply sharing my and my Spirit’s insights.

Another view of the Moon Circle on the KOKI MEDICINE CLAN’S Land Of The Sacred Heart of Life, the teaching and healing center of Taino elder Ni Bon Te Ban

If we begin with the end of chapter 13, we see that Guaguiona (the True Cacique) son has betrayed the people through his SELFISHNESS. He does not bring the HEALING HERB to the People. This makes Guaguiona angry. This begins, through the Cacique’s legitimate anger, a downfall of the Community. The important points to begin with is that this disaster was precipitated by SELFISHNESS (Individualism) which is hoarding the MEDICINE. This can be seen in the present as those individuals who are hoarding spiritual understandings and rememdies and keeping the Medicine away from the People. This can include the harboring or hiding of the True Story of the People, or the tone of elitism (who is “more” or “less” Taino) and so on. Open your minds to expand on what I am saying. The Cacique becomes ANGRY, an energy of Fire and Transformation, and he takes the WOMEN, begining with Iadrubaba’s (the son who betrayed the people) woman, and leaves the cave. Now the WOMEN are the ones who are sustaining the Children and keeping the balance of the Community, they represent Abundance and THRIVING. The fact that Guaguiona commits Adultery, cannot be seen in terms of a person being an adulterer, because we are not talking about a person, we are speaking of a Divine Mystery, Energy, Deity. We make a big mistake in thinking that Guaguiona did anything “wrong” in our terms. Now, this powerful Cosmic Cacique took all the Women (the Abundance and Thriving) away from the Community, which suffered as a result. If you look at the People today you will undoubtedly see that the Community is suffering, and much of the suffering is due to the imbalance created by the disempowering of the Women. Indeed Guaguiona has taken the Power of Women and removed it from the People (men and women alike (Note, I am not saying all women are disempowered, we are not speaking of individuals here). However, even on this Forum the Women are in general silent. There is much more interpretation within the Myths and Legends than I am briefly touching on right now.

So because of SELFISHNESS the great cosmic CACIQUE has turned his back and taken the POWER OF THRIVING away from the People!


Now there is much suffering in the Community and the Duho of the Community is empty because the Cosmic Energy (Guagiona) who occupied it has turned away. A false leader (false god) Anakakuia sees his opportunity and empowered by the forces of negativity he sits on theempty Duho. He is an illegitimate, self proclaimed leader who has no interest in the welfare of the People. He appears as if the World revolves around him, but his image is an illusion, he is all image and no substance. We can see this too in the present. (Just as he is aligned with the false cosmic center- the north star, he aligned
with the european invaders of the Northern Hemisphere).