Nibonteban 5

Installment #2 of Elder Ni Bon Te Ban’s Interpretations of the Taino Chronicles

Interpretation of The Taino Chronicles
February 2006

When we are dealing with Myths and Legends, we are dealing with reality and symbolism, truth and storytelling that is not necessarily based on ordinary reality. We cannot take Myths and Legends literally. In our interpretations we must exercise both our Common Sense and our Spiritual Sense. By Spiritual Sense we are saying that we must employ totally our Spiritual understandings of the Spiritual Entity (Creation) from the place where we stand while keeping in mind the reality of generations of break-down of our Spiritual Practices concerning the Creation and our Whole Essence, in our interrelating with the physical entity known as Mother Earth, always remembering that the Spiritual understanding that the Old Ones had, to an astronomical extent, differs from the understanding that is present today. It is extremely important that we begin to analyze for ourselves the stories that the Old Ones left for us so that we may arrive at some healthy interpretations of our Myths and Legends in our striving to take back the Power of Our Lives into our Yukayekes. The importance of this process cannot be overemphasized because we know that there were those Europeans who wrote out many of our Stories, but had the sequences or facts upside down, because of their inability to understand and comprehend the profound interrelationship that our Peoples had with the Spiritual Entity. The mere fact that these Myths and Legends have survived up to the present telling of them assures us that they are first of all relevant to us today, and second of all that they are embodiments of the Voices of Our Old Ones counciling us in the reconstruction and rebirthing of Our Taino Ways. So it is important for the Boitios and Beikes to bring into their Lodges the concentration to continue to interpret these Myths and Legends for the benefit of the People today to rise above the density of the fog that has been clouding the Healthy Mental Body that must be in alignment with the Spiritual Body that will pull from Koabai the Wisdom that is needed in the constructing of a Healthy Foundation which will set in motion a clearing of the Trail, so that the healthy Cacique could return to the Duho and the Nourishing of the Sacred Ceibe Tree once again. Since in Boriken, Cuba, Kiskeya, Hamaica, Barbados and so on, the knowledge of the Cohoba Ceremony has been totally misplaced, which was a ceremony that was utilized by the Old Ones to communicate with Koabai, therefore, the Boitios and Beikes must bring into the Sacred Ceremonial Circles practices dedicated exclusively to the direct communication with Koabai. These can be done through Journey Work, Meditation, the Ingestion of the Spirit of the Tobacco, Fasting, Dancing and Singing, Medicinal Drink, (Bone) and so on.

First Verse:
We begin by looking at Atabei who is the Cosmic Matriarch, the Essence of Creative Energy that is responsible for bringing forth and giving birth to all living things, without the exclusion of all “dead” things. She brings forth both the World of the Living and the World of the Dead. It is more logical and reasonable to begin to grasp the conception that everything is birthed from the Realms of the Dead or the Realms of Darkness of Creation which gives birth to the Light of Creation. Atabei is the “Mother of All”, “All” being all things known and equally all things unknown, for as two-leggeds there are millions of multiple energies and realms that we are not aware of within our two-legged experience. “She is the source of all and the conclusion of all.” This is indicating that she is both the process of life and death, she is both the process of knowledge and ignorance, creation and destruction. She defines prime matter, which is protons, neutrons and electrons which make up the atoms of all the elements of matter without exception. This is also the prime matter of photons, which are light particles, which indicate that Light itself is a form of Matter, which cannot be negated in our understanding of the Spiritual Entity. Tangible means all that which has substance, or matter, not excluding those things that are outside of our Human Perceptions, which we may not perceive, yet which are all around us, for example the matter of air!

The statement “Atabei is the Soul of the Cosmic Serpent” is a statement which needs to be ingested and digested fully to gain wisdom in understanding of the implication of Atabei as the Cosmic Serpent, which in fact is bringing to our awareness that she is the DNA of Life in all living and dead things. By this statement we are not reducing “DNA” to just the DNA found in living organisms, because everything has a (genetic) sequence of information which directs and sustains its form and cycles and holds the secrets of its evolution. Here we see clearly that Atabei is both Consciousness and Matter/ Energy, the primordial Principles of both masculine and feminine intertwined within the Serpent, present in all substance, and present outside of substance, omnipresent and omniscient. Atabei’s Spirit, the Cosmic Matriarch, is within the Spirit of the Koa. We must focus some considerable attention upon Atabei’s Spirit being within the Koa, because we know that the Koa is a Masculine Spirit/ Energy. The Koa does not only represent sustainability for the People to be able to live upon the Earth by nurturing their physical bodies along with nurturing the Earth herself. The Koa penetrating the Earth is the symbolism of female and male interrelating with one another for the continuation of the two-legged experience, it is also the process by which the four-leggeds, winged ones and so on continue their evolution within the physical Earth’s experience. In understanding this process that is briefly highlighted, it is very significant and important to continue to understand the Myths and Legends of our Peoples, because it is within this process of the Koa that Atabei wills herself pregnant, she is simultaneously both masculine and feminine, and of course much, much more than either.