Nibonteban 6

Elder Ni Bon Te Ban’s Interpretation of the Taino Chronicles
Installment #2 (part 2)

Through understanding consciousness to be masculine and matter/energy to be feminine, we understand that Atabei gives birth simultaneously to a dual consciousness (masculine) that we can see as the Consciousness of Everything, of the All (Yokahu), and Consciousness of the Singular (Guakar). Note that these extremes of Consciousness only can come about simultaneously, one is not possible without the other, and all dualities exist within the Cosmic Matriarch. Yokahu and Guakar are the Children of the Cosmic Womb, but we must also remember that Yokahu and Guakar, within the Myths and Legends that we are exploring are the Cosmic Elders within this Womb as they are the first within the manifestation of Atabei. We cannot regard Yokahu and Guakar as “children” in the manner that we think of as Children because this is a symbol of Cause and Effect. We cannot make the mistake of placing Yokahu and Guakar in the same vibration as children that we give birth to, in doing so we would diminish our understanding and we would be lacking respect for these profound Cosmic Mysteries. Note: It is vital to grasp the full significance of the reality of the Divine Twins and their Simultaneous birth. Do not make the mistake of placing Yokahu above or better than Guakar in one’s thinking, for neither can exist without the other, and they come into existence at precisely the same time, indicating that they are equal in their Eldership. Without the consciousness of ALL, the consciousness of ONE cannot exist, equally without the consciousness of ONE, the consciousness of ALL cannot exist. This is a profound truth that is habitually glossed over in placing the Consciousness of ALL as more elevated or more spiritual than the Consciousness of ONE! It is through the eyes of the multiple consciousnesses of ONE that the consciousness of ALL sees ALL! Within the dual consciousnesses of every individual both Guakar and Yokahu exist, it is only in the unhealthy experience that these things are seen only in opposition to one another. Through mental incarceration we have been alienated from the awareness of the Consciousness of Yokahu which exists within us and we fall under the misconception that we only carry the consciousness of Guakar and that the consciousness of Yokahu is a Deity existing in the outer reaches of Turey, the Sky!

Further note: We must raise the volume in the telling and in the sharing of these Myths and Legends so that we remove the romanticizing and the misleading applications of these Myths and Legends. These Myths and Legends must be revered, must be honored and treasured inside of our Heart, our Spirit, and our Consciousness so that they are not just a story that is being said. We must retain the context of these Myths and Legends to radiate and vibrate loudly within the sound that is released from the Fotuto. In other words these Myths and Legends are coming to us once again within the sound of the Fotuto to Awaken the People and to serve the Rebirthing and Retaking of Our Taino Ways.

Second Verse:
We see in the second verse that Yokahu Bagua Marocoti is identified as the first born and here we can raise a contradiction with the above, where it states that Yokahu and Guakar were born simultaneously from the Cosmic Womb. We know that if Yokahu Bagua Marocoti has no beginning and no ending there is no way that we can say Yokahu is the first born, it is in total contradiction to the definition of no beginning and no ending. We can say that in the Myths and legends concerning the Two Twins (Dual Consciousness) that the first that is spoken of is Yokahu Bagua Marocoti. We can also see through these contradictions that it is multiple different levels of Creation and Manifestation which are being spoken about. The expression that Yokahu Bagua Marocoti is eternal is an indication that Yokahu is just as important in Creation as the Cosmic Matriarch, and exists simultaneously with her and within her; Yokahu is actually an aspect or an attribute or manifestation of the Cosmic Matriarch. This is the Mystery of the existence of Yokahu. The statement that Yokahu has endless life cycles, endless births and endless deaths, is describing the multiple cycles that Yokahu in conjunction with Atabei is responsible for manifesting and maintaining, these include the movement of the celestial bodies, the movement of Seasons, the cycle of the Waters and Thunders upon the Earth, the cycles of the plants and animals, the cycles of eclipses, meteor showers, the phases of the moon and so on. Since Yokahu is present within all these they also represent his many births and many deaths. Yokahu is spoken of as living in Turey. If Yokahu Bagua Marocoti is living in Turey, this also means that Yokahu Bagua Marocoti is living right within Mother Earth, for Mother Earth herself is suspended within Turey.

The “GUA” symbol used as the logo of the Caney Spiritual Circle is a graphic representation of the Male CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL aspect of Yoka Hu and the Female PRIMORDIAL MATTER aspect of Ata Bey united to constitute the identity of the GREAT SPIRIT YAYA-GUATUREY

The Union of (A) the Consciousness of All plus (B) Primordial Matter constitutes (C) the Great Spirit.

Third Verse:
Verse Three brings us to Guakar, which again speaks of Guakar as the second born, and in this interpretation we maintain that Guakar is the second spoken about. In this verse we come to understand that Guakar has an active participation within the Human Experience. Futhermore, we come to understand that Guakar is intertwined in suffering, but here we must not make the mistake of defining suffering from the habitual understanding of the suffering that we are experiencing on the Earth today. Suffering and painful experience in relationship to Guakar are not equivalent to the Western interpretation or definition of suffering, because by no means must we allow ourselves to be lured into believing that suffering and pain in this context means “brimstone and fire” as in the European Christian traditions (mess/ distortion). Guakar brings about those experiences, which may be interpreted as painful, but through which Humanity can grow. This does not include excessive pain, suffering, torture, deprivation, incarceration, depression, oppression, slavery and so on.

The “GUA” symbol used as the logo of the Caney Spiritual Circle is a graphic representation of the Male CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL aspect of Yoka Hu and the Female PRIMORDIAL MATTER aspect of Ata Bey united to constitute the identity of the GREAT SPIRIT YAYA-GUATUREY