Nibonteban 8

Installment #2 of Elder Ni Bon Te Ban’s Interpretations of the Taino Chronicles (cont’d)

Verse Four:
This fourth verse is very important and interesting, and here again we must employ fully our common sense to interpret these Myths and Legends to the best accuracy that we are able to. Here we begin to see the billions of years process of the Cosmic Matriarch / Atabei’s pregnancy and birth of the Creation. Also here we can begin to see clearly from this point on, Yokahu Bagua Marocoti as a Cosmic Doctor/ Midwife/Architect assisting her in the birthing process. It is not like Atabei giving birth to a single human being, but giving birth to the multiple Mysteries which in their unification allow the Earth herself to be grounded in gravity so that things do not spin out of their orbits in all directions. It is important to acknowledge at this point how minutely short our Human Experience is within the Whole Process of Creation.

Atabei contains, as we noted before, Primordial Matter, Energy, Consciousness and Will. In the word “Command” we see that it is through her Will that Creation comes about, but that she Wills Yokahu to utilize (his) Will to place all the forms of Consciousness and Matter within her into their rightful placements, orbits and so on to maintain the Creation in its balance and harmony. Yokahu is able to perceive how everything should be placed in order to create a situation of balance and harmony because he has within him the Consciousness of All and the Perspectives of All. When we see that Atabei and Yokahu unite in coitus, in other words sexually, we cannot misunderstand what this means by equating this to the sexual relationship between female and male. We can understand by this that the Consciousness of Yokahu is penetrating into the Matter, Energy, Consciousness and Will of Atabei to bring forth the conception of the Divine Plan for the placements of all the elements, entities, qualities, colors, sounds, tastes, and so on, known and unknown within the Creation which will be. It implies that there is a meeting of the All encompassing infinite Consciousness of Atabei with the Consciousness of All of Yokahu, we must remember or retain the fact that Atabei is more in terms of Consciousness that Yokahu, but that both are infinite and beyond our conception. The Divine Plan for Creation is now causing the development and embodiments of all the single entities within Atabei’s Womb. Finally Yokahu begins to assist Atabei in the process of bringing these things into full physical manifestation. The first entity or Mystery to be “born” is Guey, the Sun. This is naturally the Mystery around which the whole Universe spins and who is responsible for the force to maintain the Celestial Mysteries/ Bodies in their orbits and allow Life here on Earth. Yokahu then repeats the process to bring forth Karaya, the Moon. She is the Mystery responsible for the fundamental rhythm of Life which structures the Cycles of the Women, the Cycles of Planting and Harvesting, the Cycles of the Ocean, and much more. By bringing in to being Guey and Karaya, Yokahu places two Fundamental Powers/ Mysteries (Force and Rhythm) into engaging a Sacred Dance which enables the dimensions of space and time, for the Sun causes the measurement of Space of the Universe to be held intact and the Moon brings about rhythm which is the measurement of Time.

The Sacred Cave represents the Darkness or Unmanifested Reality of the Creator of the Creation of the All. Here we begin to see that everything is birthed from the Darkness, which is that which the European Colonizers desperately and skillfully had us betray and become fearful of this Darkness. What they did was demonize the Darkness. We also interpret the Cave as the Black Dot, which can be seen as the Darkest point in the Universe, which is within the Milkyway, which can also be seen in the Pineal Gland within the Human physiology, which is the place where the Consciousness of All is located, which can become accessible, and traditionally was accessible to the Old Ones. The Cave, or Vagina, of Atabey through which Yokahu draws forth the Sun and Moon is not on the exterior of her, as it is in a Woman, it is central to her, everywhere, but nowhere in particular. We must remember in interpreting Myths and Legends to always look symbolically and not literally. The Cave is also the entrance and the exit to Koabai, the World of the Ancestors. Walking into a Cave is walking into a different Dimension or Realm.

To Be Continued
Ni Bon Te Ban