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Educational Programs

In keeping with Taíno tradition, El Caney provides a forum where people of all ages and abilities can gather to learn how to re-establish, maintain, conserve and protect the ecosystems of the Earth Mother for present and future generations. The natural pristine grounds of El Caney provide an environmentally safe place where Peoples from all nations can come together to share and contribute their skills and gifts for the benefit of humanity. In this way, we model the process of Nature through service.

The way of life, traditions and teachings of the Taíno indigenous people of the Caribbean is our fundamental guiding principle. In living and practicing these principles, we learn to honor, share, and respect all life cultures traditional and spiritual diversity. As we master these fundamental living skills, we develop our faculties of observation, listening and active cooperation in life. This allows us to expand our perception and awareness of the interdependence of all things. We promote, foster, vitalize, and enrich Taíno traditions, language, culture, and spirituality.

Skills sharing and training in indigenous earth and farming practices, the arts and other disciplines provide the foundation for building community pride, identity, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, interdependence and productivity.

Formats for the educational programs include:

  • Artesania (Arts & Crafts)
  • Artists-In-Residence
  • Storytelling
  • Educational, workshops, conferences and presentations
  • Cultural, educational workshops, conferences and presentations
  • Develop local and international campaigns to address issues facing Taino and Indigenous Peoples
  • Eco-Tours
  • Educational & Cultural Web Site
  • Special Events and Activities

The Caney grounds are available to organizations, groups and individuals for special events and activities that are in keeping with the principles of El Caney.

Multimedia Resource Center

El Caney’s Multimedia Resource Center strives to provide accurate, positive information about the culture and contributions of the Taíno people, the indigenous people of the Caribbean.

El Caney’s resources include:

  • Multimedia Library
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Educational & Cultural Web Site

Full Moon Kansi (Community Sweat Lodge)

Council Lodge Community Building

Based on our Guaitiao ceremony (making relations), people of all nations gather to share, develop and promote ways to bridge the gap of separation and bolster a better understandings between peoples of all cultures and spiritual traditions

The Council Lodge Community Building provides a place where our community and others gather to share and learn from each other, promote community pride, identity, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, inter-dependence, wholeness, collaboration and productivity

Prisoner Rehabilitation Program

In cooperation with Guatibiri, the first prisoner collective in Puerto Rico, members of the collective worked the land in a rehabilitation program. They received a short course in the propagation and cultivation of coffee as well as other farming skills, and obtained a certificate of participation. Through this program members of the collective developed self-esteem, effective decision-making and basic job skills as preparation for reintegration into the community.

They were encouraged to use their innate artistic abilities to create works of art from fallen trees, vines and other materials available to them from the land.

Volunteer Program

El Caney offers a limitless number of volunteer opportunities to experience the Taíno culture by working directly with the land and through its various projects. Volunteers work interdependently or directly with individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.

Direct and inter-dependent participation creates a more valuable awareness of the way Taíno Peoples live today and promotes a better understandings among all peoples.

It is a rewarding experience to share our Earth teachings, cultural, and spiritual traditions with all our relatives.


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