Miguel and the Maya

Teachings from the Heart of Maya Land

Beike Bo Miguel Sobaoko Koromo learns the correct pronunciation of traditional Mayan Calendar concepts in 1995 from Dona Erlinda, emissary of the traditional Quiche Mayas of Guatemala.

Beike Bo Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague began learning the intricacies of Mayan sacred mathematics and the Mayan Calendar from his father (a mathematician and university professor of ancient Maya culture and civilization ) at the age of 16.

By the end of his high-school career he was intensely studying the culture and traditions of both the ancient and contemporary Mayas. In the mid 1980’s He began receiving training in the tradition of the Mayan holy men and women from a number of teachers from Yucatan and Guatemala. He also taught himself the philosophical theories of the Dreamspell and the Telektenon of Jose Arguelles. At that time he also became part of the U.S. opposition to the U.S. inspired massacres of thousands of Mayan villagers by the Guatemalan dictators.

In the 1990’s he received a traditional practitioner’s head band and official permission to act as “calendar priest” and read the Mayan seed oracle from a principal Quiche Maya priest (This elder will remain unnamed here at his request).

He also reads and interprets the ancient Venus Cycle oracles using the traditional Mayan Codex (Dresden) and the ancient legends of the Popol Vuh.

Beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo receives instruction on the use of a copal incence burner from a Zapotec sister in the Oaxaca region of Mexico near the Guatemalan Maya area. 2006

Beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo is introduced to aspects of Quiche and Kakchikel Mayan tradition by Mayan brothers and sisters in Puerto Quetzal and Puerto San Jose Guatemala. 2006
Beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo offers ceremony in front of an ancient ancestral sculpture from the pre-classic Maya tradition of El Baul in Southern Guatemala. 2006