Nibonteban 2

There are many leaders who are blattanly illegitimate both on a global scale and within the revival movement of the Taino. This is characterized by selfishness, personal agendas, distortion of history and so on. These are all the manifestations of Anakakuia within the people. Anakakuia is only interested in Power and Prestige (titles, people looking up to him, being in important postions, and most of all being recognized by False Authority who is playing as if it were true Authority). Let us remember that the governing bodies of today are for the most part illegitimate. What is so sad is that the “People had no other alternative”, which is very true, because many of the True Leaders stay silent and in the back ground. This false leader sets out to take back the Women (take back the power of Thriving).  We know that as he is a false leader he is only going to use this Power for his own self-gain.

At this point the People are so desperate and confused that they accept Anakakuia as the leader. Today many of Our People are desperate and confused and accept at face value the illusion that these false leaders are projecting. We must re-examine who is sitting on the Duho, for is it not true that we have still not experienced the fulfillment within OUR COMMUNITIES of the Prophesy of THRIVING? Why is it that the Power of the Women is still so Silent and Stagnated? Why does Guaguiona still turn his back to us? I truly hope that I am not misrepresenting this Myth and Legend according to our Revered Leader Sobaoko Koromo, and welcome his realignment if I have disturbed this Myths alignment.

Now, Guaguiona suddenly realizes that he needs to bring the Women (Power of Thriving) back to the People and unseat this false leader.  He recognizes the full malevolent power that is behind this false leader and knows he must not be entrapped by it. (This is a warning to all Leaders of the People not to be seduced by Power and Prestige or Selfishness in any form or fashion (the Duho is Sacred)).  Remember, remember, remember we are talking about symbolism here, and not romanticizing. Guaguiona kills this false leader, Anakakuia by bringing him to go fishing in the Ocean (fishing is the process of pulling in the Abundance of the Ocean, which is the Mother, which still has to do with the natural thriving and abundance which should be the Community’s experience! Anakakuia leans over the boat to look at a beautiful Conch Shell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOTUTO! The Fotuto is the Sound which has traveled 500 years to reawaken the People for their Reemergence (Reclaiming, Revival, Rebirthing). So ulitmately the False Leader was defeated with the help of the Fotuto (which is the sound which carries the Voices of the Ancestors across time and space and Ocean itself), this Fotuto mesmerized this false leader. Guagiona hits Anakukuia with a wooden canoe paddle (MAKANA!) this is the Sacred Weapon of the Arawak Warrior.

So we see here that Guaguiona realizes that this false Cacique needs to be removed and the Power of Thriving restored to the People! He kills the false Cacique by hitting him with a Makana while he is looking at the Breath that Carries the Sound of the Fotuto. So we know that in our battle within our Revival, we must carry our Makanas and watch out for false leaders and stay true to the Prophecy of Aura Surey! The Makana is a living entity and Spirit of the People for the Community’s defense and continued thriving because it contains within itself the Spirit of Protection/Warrior!

Remember that Guaguiona is a Mystery. Note that he does come back to the People to resurect Justice. Do not be naive to the fact that this Myth and Legend is telling us that the powerful Mystery of the cosmic Cacique is on his or her way back to the DUHO, and will destroy all false leaders along the way!

We continue with Guaguiona.

Again I remind us all that this is simply an interpretation that myself and my Spirit are bringing forth from the Myths and Legends as beautifully described on the Caney Website by Sobaoko Koromo.

Once Guaguiona kills Anakakuia, the false leader, he HESITATES before returning to the cave. In this hesitation, Guakar hits Guaguiona on the head with his Hatchet causing him to become afflicted with a disease. This Hesitation is significant. Hesitation is a moment of paralysis, where one’s energy is stagnated, neither moving forward nor backwards. It is a vulnerable spot as one is temporarily without direction. Within this vulnerable spot Guakar is able to intervene in Guaguiona’s destiny. He hits him on the Head (mental body) with the double headed hatchet. This is symbolic that Guakar is initiating a process of mental evolution or revolution through a Spirit who is double headed, or in other words sees in both directions, which could be understood as the spirit which sees and moves in both worlds. Let us remember that, as Sobaoko Koromo has described to us in the earlier chapters of the Myths and Legends, Guakar is the Divine Twin who is responsible for the Evolution of Humanity. It is appropriate that it is he, Guakar, who intervenes within this vulnerable moment in the Cosmic Cacique’s Process. The disease itself is also important. Guaguiona is afflicted by Syphilis, which is a sexually transmitted European derived disease, which he has contracted from one of the women who he took away from the Cave. Syphilis is telling us that first of all what is plaguing the great Cacique is an imbalance between the female and male energies of life, which is leading to an infertility, and that this sickness’ origins are European. The fact that Guakar hits him on the head is indicating that his mental body, mind, is that which is being affected as well as his sexual energies. The double headed hatchet is alerting us that a Sacred Process is underway, in which the Cacique will encounter Life and Death (both Worlds).