Nibonteban 4

the Moon is also exchanging energy with the Sun. Within this time of Fertilization and Exchange between these two Powerful Mysteries, Guaguiona and Guabonito are exchanging energies. This is vital for Guaguiona’s healing and more importantly REBIRTH. He does not just “heal” he actually is fully reborn, for indeed he has visited the house of death. This is speaking to us loudly about our need for not just Reclaiming, Re-emerging, Revival, of Our People, but for an actual REBIRTH of Our People, Our Medicines, Our Practices. This is telling us that we cannot simply mimic the ways of Our Old Ones, we need to internalize them and bring out of Ourselves the Continuation of their Ways within the Vibration of Today. Just as Our Divine Mother and Divine Father, who gave birth to us within these bodies we hold today, came together and from them we were born, of them, but not identical to them, a continuation of their Wisdom and Love, and a manifestation of the merging of the Divine Energies of Male and Female, we must see that we are the continuation of Our Old Ones, but that we are not identical to them. In order to heal anyone or any situation we must be able to enter the Bohio of the Dead, because that is where the true healing takes place of any person, place or situation.

Finally Guabonito gives Guaguiona a new name. This is telling us that not only has he experienced a death, but that he has been undergoing a profound process of Initiation into a more expansive cosmic Mystery through this process within the Bohio of the Boitio and within the energies of Kaguana. His new name holds the sounds of his old name within it, but it is more! Albeborael Guahaiona! This is clearly telling us that our understanding of our present situation must expand. It is not about trying to recreate the Past, we are right within a profound process of purification and initiation as a People and our Cacique and Beike and Boitio must lead the People to this understanding and experience. Our Ancestors never envisioned our stagnation, and they have promised that within our hesitation we will be struck by Guakar with his Double-Headed Hatchet. It is my understanding that the Double Headed Hatchet was traditionally made from Thunder Stones! Which are found within the Rivers, and which is telling us Clearly that we are being confronted here and now by the Energy of the Cosmic Warrior! The Thunder Stones are symbolic of lightning, electricity, firery energy, which is also the Mystery of Guatauba, so we must not be in denial that the Hatchet holds this Mystery within it. In my and my Spirit’s interpretation of this chapter of the Myths and Legends, we must be alarmed with what is confronting us and demanding that we engage this process of purification of the Mental Body and Initiation into the practices of the Dead, the Bones, through the Boitio and the reclaiming of the Guanin, the Creation of the Cemis of today, and the Rebirthing of our People within the Care of the midwife (not necessarily female) Boitio. Note: This is especially relevant to those who claim or have been raised traditionally, and those who are calling themselves Cacique, Beike and Boitio!

May we continue to explore and appreciate the Profound Teachings that Sobaoko Koromo has put forth through his loyalty, dedication and Love for the People, and not just Taino People, but All Peoples. May we continue to Call the Ancestor’s attention to Our Current Situation and the Rebirth which is Evident! May the Makana be Raised towards romanticizing these profound and traditional practices of Old!

Taino Ti, to be continued…

Ni Bon Te Ban