Nibonteban 3

(Syphilis is a disease which was brought to Our Peoples by the Europeans. The Old Ones who gave birth to these Myths and Legends were profoundly prophetic and visionary in that they already had envisioned our Current Affliction, knew what had enabled it to become pandemic, selfishness, individualism and violation of Divine Law, and knew what it entailed, where it came from, Europe, and what is most important, they knew the Spiritual and Physical Process which would enable us to Heal from this Affliction as a People.)

Let’s remember briefly what the Cacique’s position is within the Community. The Cacique, seated upon his Duho, represents the Cosmic Ceibe Tree, the connection from Heaven to Earth and the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the pathway through which Sous enter and leave from the World of the Ancestors. It is he who holds the community together, and ensures its progression and thriving. He is the manifestation of the Divine Energy of the Cosmic Cacique right within the Community. Whatever is afflicting the Community must manifest within their Cacique. So Guaguiona’s affliction is indicative of what is afflicting the Whole Community. We see that he abandons the Women on an island in the Primordial Ocean, in other words the Women are isolated within the Energy of the Mother. The men are isolated in the Cave. What is significant is that the energies of the female and male are separated, divided, and when these energies are divided, we know that no life can come about. We experience sterility. This division, separation between the divine duality of Man and Woman is reflected in the current situation of our People. When the male and female energies are divided, only deviation can arise. Life is stagnated and stunted. This division is manifested right within the disease that Guaguiona is afflicted by.

Guaguiona begins to wander. This wandering is very important to look at. The Cacique is wandering around searching for a cure, for healing from this affliction, and also searching to reclaim his identity within that. He finally comes across Guabonito.

Guabonito is undoubtedly a Boitio. She had escaped the mesmerization which the other women had experienced concerning the Cacique. (The Mystery of the Sun has, as one of its functions, a quality of mesmerization. We can become mesmerized by the distractions within the World of the Sun, forgetting the Destiny we were instructed to manifest from the World of the Ancestors. A Boitio is one who is not mesmerized by the World of the Sun and sees beyond the apparent into the World of Mystery and all things hidden.) Guabonito is living by the River. The River is symbolic of the Energy of Kaguana, who is Love, Fertility, Abundance and Thriving. She is the embodiment of Feminine Energy and Feminine Reproductive Energy. In order for Guaguiona to heal, he must come to the sacred chamber, Guanara, of Guabonito. Her Sacred Chamber is the house of the Boitio, it is the Sacred Cave of the Mother. Remember Sobaoko Koromo’s teaching that within the Night, the Darkness, we find the Boitio, and within the Day, the Light, we find the Cacique. In order for the Cacique to heal, and along with him the Community, the People, to heal, he must travel to the house of the Boitio.

Guaguiona and Guabonito unite. This is undoubtedly a sexual union, during which some things are transmitted from Guabonito to Guaguiona. Guabonito teaches Guaguiona how to use the Koa to plant seeds. While this is undoubtedly a reference to agriculture and tending and caretaking the Earth, this is also a reference to the Action of Union between female and male energies and the Fertilization and Conception of Life which is its result. This is the first time that Guaguiona is experiencing the full cosmic explosion of the Sexual Energies, because she is teaching him. Guabonito also teaches Guaguiona how to make Sacred Amulets, which is Medicine, most specifically Cemis. In this we are seeing that the Ancestors are speaking clearly to us today of the need to create Cemis and Medicines which will vibrate within the brokenness of the Sacred Hoop of Life, which we are experiencing today, in order to bring us out of that brokenness. In fact this Myth and Legend of Guaguiona and Guabonito prophesizes that we will in fact emerge from that brokenness to be Whole Once again. This is also speaking clearly about the Reconciliation which must occur between the male and female energies of today, and that the separation and deviation within that relationship or lack of relationship must be healed.

At this point it is clear that the True Leaders of today are afflicted with a disease and that only the Boitio’s hold the remedy to that affliction. The Boitio is characterized as walking in two worlds, meaning that while one sees the Boitio walking within this World of the Sun, the Boitio also walks simultaneously within the World of the Ancestors. The Ancestors constantly speak to and speak through the Boitio. There is a remedy that the Boitios hold for Our People as a Whole and our Leadership in particular which is deeply intertwined with the Bones of Our Ancestors.

Guabonito also gives Guaguiona the Guanin, symbolic of the bright and shining Sun and the Symbol of Cacique. This is the Key to Guaguiona’s identity, the symbol of it. It is important and revealing that Guaguiona must travel into the depths of the World of Death to reclaim his identity, and this is speaking loudly to us today! It is within the Darkness of the World of the Boitio that the bright and shinning Guanin is reclaimed by Guaguiona and this Guanin takes him all the way to the Zenith of the Midday Sun and back to the Duho of the Community, the Sacred Ceibe Tree. Guiguiona must meet Guabonito within the House of the Darkness. This is seen physically during an Eclipse when the Moon Passes Directly in front of the Sun, or the Sun moves directly behind the Moon during the brightness of the Day. The brightness of the Day is darkened until the Sun emerges from behind the Moon once again. During this time the Moon is at her closest point to the Sun. This is the time during which the Sexual Union between these two Mysteries allows fertilization to occur. The Sun pours his Light into the New Moon, fertilizing her. However, this is not a one way exchange, as the Sun is Fertilizing the Moon,